Jobs in sport that are recruiting in 2021

Published on : 26 August 20213 min reading time

Education, marketing, communication, commerce, management, events… The sports sector today includes a wide variety of professions, calling for skills and training paths that are often very varied.

Have you decided to take the plunge and want to find your way or reorient yourself professionally in the sports sector? Here are a few ideas for jobs in sport that will be recruiting in 2021.

Become a sports marketing manager

Among the most attractive and currently recruiting positions in the sports sector is the position of sports marketing manager.

The main task of the sports marketing manager is to ensure the promotion of a product, a service, a discipline or a brand or even an event directly linked to the world of sport.

Responsible for the definition and implementation of the marketing strategy, this position is of considerable importance for any brand in the sector as it is the role of the marketing manager to ensure that the sales policy of the promoted sports product or service corresponds to the market trends and the target consumer.

Given the dynamism of the sports economy, this position is an interesting career option for students who are passionate about sports and want to move into the world of sales and marketing.

Become a trade marketing manager

Another particularly interesting position currently offering good recruitment prospects is that of trade marketing manager.

Responsible for defining marketing action plans and implementing promotional operations in line with the company’s sales policy, the trade marketing manager position is an essential link in the distribution sector.

This position requires a good knowledge of the world of distribution with its imperatives and constraints, as well as sensitivity to the notion of customer relations, particularly by taking an interest in new uses and new consumer behaviour.

Becoming a sports product manager

In a sector that by its very nature favours innovation, the position of sports product manager is inevitably one of the most highly valued jobs and those that recruit most regularly.

The sports product manager is responsible for the design, development and management of a product or range of products dedicated to amateur or professional sports.

This type of position is easily found in the many organisations linked to the various sports (cycling, skiing, running, water sports, outdoor sports, team sports, athletics, climbing, etc.), such as the major brands specialising in sport, equipment manufacturers, sports clubs or even agencies dedicated to marketing advice.

In a sector that is considered one of the most dynamic in the retail industry, this position promises great career opportunities for those who are passionate about sports and innovation.

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