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Is an Executive MBA the same degree as an MBA?

An Executive MBA (EMBA) is a specialized masters degree designed for experienced business professionals. An MBA is a general masters…

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5 pitfalls to avoid in HSK ?

Whatever professional field you wish to enter, language skills are still useful. Having a good knowledge of foreign languages could…

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5 courses to boost your career!

In order to progress rapidly in the professional world, training is a must. In fact, you can train throughout your…

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What training do you need to work in the event industry?

If you have completed your studies at a university specialising in event management, then you are almost certain to get…

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Exam stress: some natural solutions to relieve you

When you arrive in the examination room, it is not always easy to keep calm. At that moment, there are…

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Future student: how to prepare for note-taking?

Taking notes makes it easier to learn your lessons and prepare for your exam. Taking a note improves mnemonics and…

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