Where to study for the DSCG?

Nowadays, many young people are interested in accounting and business management. To become an expert in these fields, one has to complete several years of study and hard work and obtain a merit degree. It really requires a lot of courage, responsibility, willpower, a lot of study and a lot of patience. You have to work day and night, whether at university or at home. Here are some notions about the DSCG training.

What is a DSCG ?

The DSCG or Diplôme Supérieur de comptabilité et Gestion is obviously a diploma obtained after years of study in accounting and management at university. More precisely, it is a Master's level diploma obtained after 5 years of study at university, equivalent to a Bac +5. This diploma is obtained after a DCG or a Master in Control, Master in Accounting or Master in Audit (C.C.A). It is the second step on the path to becoming a chartered accountant after the DCG. The Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et Gestion is, therefore, a diploma of the first degree of higher education in the field of accounting and management leading to the title of Chartered Accountant. The DSCG is a diploma that replaces the DESCF, a diploma in the past leading to the position of chartered accountant. A DSCG is a course found in universities with accounting and management departments. But to see more information about this field, do not hesitate to contact the online experts to get all the necessary advice to pass your exam and also to reach your goals.

What is the DSCG like?

The DSCG course is represented by 7 different study units. First of all, there is legal, fiscal and social management which is the DSCG UE 1. Then finance which is the DSCG UE 2. Management and management control in the DSCG UE 3. Accounting and auditing for the DSCG UE 4. Management of Information Systems in the DSCG UE 5. The Grand Oral or Business English as DSCG UE 6 and finally in the seventh stage, the DSCG UE 7 which includes the study of professional relations or the dissertation. For the DSCG exams, the UE 7, 6, 5 and 2 have a coefficient of 1, but the UE 1, 3, 4 have a coefficient of 1.5. The examination in Legal, fiscal and social management, management and management control and accounting and auditing lasts 4 hours. Three hours for finance and management of information systems at the time of the examination. One hour for U7 and 30 minutes for Business English. Preparing for a DSCG course requires a lot of work for the person concerned. It is necessary to obtain an average of 10/20 without having a mark lower than 06/20 for this, which is why obtaining this diploma requires work. If the person obtains a lower mark, he or she will retake the UE in question at the next session.

Preparing for and sitting the DSCG in 2021

Preparing for a DSCG exam can be done in different ways in any school, high school or university. Candidates must, first of all, have a DCG or equivalent or also an engineering degree or a Master 2. It is necessary to revise the legal and accounting-auditing UEs, as they are considered to be the most difficult. It is also highly recommended to always follow economic news, you need to be quite cultured. You need to be well educated and watch the news in both English and French. Then, always prepare yourself in advance for all the oral tests to be done, you must dare to speak publicly without stressing in order to pass your oral. You must be a good candidate in both French and English, without forgetting the language articulations. For those who have problems with the English language, it is necessary to practise this language from time to time, to take courses or even to do some language baths in an English-speaking country, before the DSCG training. To register for the DSCG 2021, registrations will take place from 7 July to 25 August 2021. First of all, a pre-registration online and then on site. Registration is done in public schools or universities.
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