Student accommodation: what if you tried sharing?

Published on : 26 August 20213 min reading time

Large university cities are normally affected by student sharing, although this form of renting is gradually taking over the whole country. Indeed, student flatsharing is attracting more and more students, especially those who live far from the campus and who, individually, cannot afford to pay rent. One of the main attractions of shared accommodation is therefore the economic aspect, as it is the most suitable solution for students on a tight budget. However, it is no different from a normal tenancy as there are no regulations that would say otherwise. Why choose to share a flat as a student?

What is a shared flat?

Shared accommodation is a way of sharing a house or flat with other people. In terms of student flatsharing, the rent, utilities and other bills are shared or divided between the flatshares. For students, sharing a house or flat is more economical and also allows them to meet new people on the campus where they work. So if you are moving to another city or country, it is also a way to make new friends.

The benefits of sharing a flat

Student flatsharing allows people to pay less rent than in a standard tenancy. It also gives you access to a much larger, more furnished house or flat not far from the centre. In addition, between housemates, you have the possibility of sharing the groceries, which helps to save a little more. However, students may end up with people they don’t know if there is no choice or if flats are full. However, living with strangers also means meeting new people. Sharing a flat is therefore a way of life that allows you to open up to others and not live alone.

How to find a good student flat share?

The quickest and most spontaneous way is to search the internet for a roommate website and put your name down. It is advisable to provide as much information as possible in order to have a chance of finding a better flat share. The first thing to do is to give as much information as possible about yourself and what you are looking for. Then, insert a profile picture. Of course, you have to find out the exact area where you want to live. The most important thing is to watch out for scams and frauds. After you have registered, you should interview the owner of the property to find out more about the rent, the condition of the house, etc.

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