Why opt for a business school course?

A management school or business school is aimed at all students who wish to study this particular branch of business and sectors of the economy. This higher education course gives you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of economics, management, communication, marketing, etc. By completing all the programmes offered in a business school in Bordeaux, you are immediately ready to join a company. Alternatively, at the end of the course, you can also start your own business.

A business school adapted to all profiles

The courses offered in a business school in Bordeaux differ greatly from other types of training by the simple fact that they can be adapted to the profile of each student or each candidate. For example, if you have a baccalaureate level, you can immediately enter a Bachelor's degree. This is a vocational course with an international focus. In three years, you are ready to enter the world of work in a company or to prepare your master's degree. In addition, you can also enter a Bachelor's degree in international trade, marketing, management, web marketing and many others. However, you are advised to check that the Bachelor's degree of your choice is fully recognised by the State. You can also graduate from a business school in Bordeaux to put your chances on your side. Indeed, the grandes ├ęcoles are famous for their programmes and give you a master's degree. These last five years and admission is by parallel admission or by a pre-prep. These institutions offer you several master's degree proposals. The MSC, which lasts two years, is a specialised course in a specific field. It is directly accessible at the bac+3 or bac+4 level. MBAs allow you to obtain recognised diplomas in order to find an international opening. However, these should not be confused with a specialised Master's degree. The latter allows you to obtain a specialisation or a double degree, but is not recognised by the State. It is obtained after a bac+4 or bac+5. There are also several training offers for this type of course.

International opportunities and attractive remuneration

The majority of business schools in Bordeaux are open to the international market. They train their students to adapt to different types of markets on a global scale. Indeed, MBA degrees give you valuable professional experience that you can use for your international career. In addition, some MBA degree programmes are specifically designed to give you international opportunities. For example, getting an international business MBA is a smart choice if you are looking for a high level of education to practice anywhere abroad. After studying at a business school in Bordeaux, you can quickly move into management positions in a company. Starting work directly after graduating from a business school ensures a good starting salary. This depends on the institute of higher education of your choice, the sector of insertion and the diploma you have obtained as well as your mobility.

To find a job and to become an entrepreneur

Following a specialised training course in a business school in Bordeaux allows you to be hired by a company as soon as you graduate. Indeed, integration is faster due to the reputation of these higher institutes for training experts who are highly sought after by French and foreign companies. Moreover, your professional integration is also through the network, after graduating from a major business institute. For information, such a network is useful for the search for an internship or a job throughout your professional career. This way, you will build up an address book that you will need for the rest of your journey. Choosing to study at a business school is also the best path to follow if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur. These courses prepare you for market management or self-entrepreneurship. In addition, some business schools in Bordeaux also offer support to young companies and startups. The schools will support you in your projects by helping you in all the fields concerned by the creation of your company such as law, team management, accounting and management.  
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