Campus life

Student accommodation: what if you tried sharing?

Large university cities are normally affected by student sharing, although this form of renting is gradually taking over the whole…

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Studies and disability: what support is available?

Since early childhood, people with disabilities have benefited from financial and social support. Ranging from the disabled child’s education allowance…

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How to better live a confinement in a student room?

The pandemic has turned all lives upside down. The student is as affected by this upheaval as anyone else. And…

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Top 5 sectors recruiting for student jobs

Are you still a student and looking for a part-time job to cover your expenses? You should know that many…

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How to eat well when you are a student and a bit broke?

A student is often under a lot of stress and a quick bite to eat. You may find it hard…

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How do I know if I can get a scholarship?

From the early years to the final year, the student has no worries about his future. He works, that’s all…

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