How to get into a business school?

Professional insertion, accreditations, rankings, multiple aspects must be considered when choosing a business school. But to enter the said school, the candidate can use various means. Indeed, he or she can enter a business school after the baccalaureate or through a parallel admission.

Entering a business school after the BAC

A baccalaureate holder can enter a business school in Montpellier thanks to the diversity of offers presented by different establishments. The latter offer quality training courses to train young people as soon as they have obtained their baccalaureate diploma. Indeed, with a post-bac business school, the candidate does not need to follow the various courses at a preparatory class within the grandes écoles for a period of two years. Post-baccalaureate business schools are positioned as a better alternative to university courses. In order to give students direct access to operational skills in finance or business, post-baccalaureate business schools offer three-, four- and five-year courses depending on the candidate's needs. But it should be noted that not all post-baccalaureate business schools offer the same courses, specialisations and programmes. This is why it is necessary to make a selective choice to be able to obtain a training with a professional character.

Entering a business school after a preparatory course

It is possible to enter a business school in Montpellier after a preparatory class. Indeed, the students of the commercial preparatory class can integrate a business school by passing a competitive examination. The main reason for this competition is to be able to select the best candidates. The duration of the course in this case is three years. The training and programme in the grandes écoles de commerce are very special. During the training, candidates can benefit from a practical internship in large companies in order to get an introduction to the world of work.

Joining a business school through parallel admissions

Another way of benefiting from a business training course in the grandes écoles is to take a competition for parallel admission. This parallel admission is a better solution for students who have obtained a distinguished education outside a classe prépa. After having obtained a BTS, a master or a DUT, a student can enter a business school through a parallel admission. Thus, to enter a business school in Montpellier, there are different ways to get there.
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