What system is needed to take the Toefl IBT test?

Nowadays, the English language is considered one of the best known international languages in the world. Indeed, mastering it opens the door to many opportunities, especially in the workplace. However, with a recognised certificate to back it up, you'll certainly have a better chance of travelling and being hired. So why not take the TOEFL test?

What is the TOEFL test?

Because English is an international language, it is quite possible to receive a certificate based on your level. Of course, if your native language is English, you cannot take the TOEFL test, it is designed for foreigners. This test is designed to assess the candidates' knowledge of the language, i.e. their ability to understand and use English. In addition, there is no age limit and no diploma required to take the test. Currently, there are two types of TOEFL, the paper-based one or PBT and the second one that you will take online, which is the TOEFL iBT and is also the most popular at the moment.

How to take the TOEFL iBT?

The iBT TOEFL does not have its own method, it is the same as the paper-based TOEFL, the only difference is that you take it online, at home. Indeed, there is more than one thing to evaluate before you complete the test. Firstly, your understanding of the language will be tested, both in writing and speaking. Secondly, you will be assessed on your speaking skills. Indeed, a minimum mark must be achieved. However, if you decide to take the test online, you should see where you can take it, on which platform. It is best to look at sites that have a direct relationship with the US government, such as Global exam, where you can also practice.

Practising before taking the test

Before any exam, whether it is official or not, it is always important to prepare well in order to have a good chance of success. This is also true for the TOEFL test, where you should be fully focused. Indeed, even if you are a beginner, with good preparation and determination, you will be able to take the test. Moreover, for learning English, many tools can be used, such as books, dictionaries and even watching movies. Furthermore, nowadays, there is another way, which is to learn online, where you can very well follow a complete training. In addition, thanks to the internet, you can take tests as often as you like to see how you are progressing in the language.
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