What are the possible jobs after a business school?

Commerce is a heterogeneous world, which means that a wide range of jobs and careers are available to young students who have just completed their business school in Montpellier. Indeed, this sector brings together a multitude of jobs, namely the professions of commerce, logistics and management. The next most important are marketing, accounting and management. Graduates can also turn to careers in human resources if they are interested. Eventually, it is quite possible for them to set up their own company. They will be spoilt for choice, as there are many opportunities for them after their studies. Here are some professions in the world of commerce:

Distribution and trade

Whether it is a small or large company and whatever their field of choice, their objective remains the same, including the marketing of products and the development of turnover. These companies are therefore actively looking for sales engineers or attach├ęs, sales managers, export area managers and sales directors who will be responsible for finding potential customers and selling the products in a country or in a foreign country. The skills required of a salesperson in this field are expert negotiation skills and the ability to persuade while knowing the predispositions of the market. It would be unimaginable not to get a job if you graduated from a business school in Montpellier. The training offers are multiple and vast when it comes to the business school in Montpellier Keyce Business School. It offers educational excellence, individualised student follow-up and international exposure.

Advertising and marketing

When talking about business, selling products is inevitable. A product involves its management from its conception to the stage of its sale. It should be noted that the search for a good place in the shop to showcase a product is very important. To this end, the Marketing Director, the Advertising Manager, the Marketing Research Officer, the Merchandising Manager, the Assistant and the Product Manager are the most qualified to achieve these objectives. They will be responsible for defining the strategies for the launch of a given company's products and for ensuring its brand image.

Accounting, finance and HR

The role of a financial controller is to prepare the financial and economic analyses of the company, culminating in the position of financial director. The design of a management chart and the determination of the fundamental orientations of the controls are his or her responsibility. Other jobs in the field of Accounting and Finance are treasurer, trader, asset manager and accountant. Business school graduates in Montpellier can also try to make a career in human resources as a training manager, recruitment officer, career management officer and human relations assistant.
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