5 courses to boost your career!

Published on : 26 August 20213 min reading time

In order to progress rapidly in the professional world, training is a must. In fact, you can train throughout your life in the sector of your choice. But what type of training should you choose to boost your career?

Boost your career with foreign language training

Nowadays, mastering several languages gives you an edge over other candidates. Indeed, mastering business English for example is an undeniable asset if you want to join an international company or want to excel in sales and marketing. Moreover, it is an extra star that you can add to your CV. So, from now on, it is advisable to take modules adapted to your level to boost your knowledge. But it is also advisable to learn other languages.

If you are able to express yourself and write texts in several languages, you can hope to progress rapidly within a company. Moreover, certain languages are required in certain fields. Therefore, do not hesitate to take courses to improve your knowledge.

Enhance your skills through skills assessment and VAE

Skills assessment and VAE are very effective ways of boosting your career. The former is aimed at employees and managers and is carried out by an expert consultant. This individual training lasts an average of 24 hours, spread over several weeks, and helps to define a professional project. The sessions are generally divided into three parts: the intake phase, the investigation phase and the conclusion phase.

Indeed, the Validation of Acquired Experience or VAE enables people to formalise their skills. It is a continuing education system whose objective is to prepare a diploma in accordance with the experience acquired during a given period. After obtaining a recognised qualification (or certification), the beneficiary can ask his or her employer for a raise. If they are jobseekers, it is a way of enhancing their CV and increasing their chances of being recruited.

Take a training course in the digital world

Do you prefer to work in the digital marketing or communication sector? Training in community management, for example, is highly recommended if you want to lead a community. But other professions can also open the door to new careers: training in web design, web writing, web referencing, etc. In any case, once you have completed a training course leading to a qualification, you will be immediately operational.

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