Future student: how to prepare for note-taking?

Published on : 26 August 20212 min reading time

Taking notes makes it easier to learn your lessons and prepare for your exam. Taking a note improves mnemonics and makes it easier to remember. It is possible to summarise the whole lesson and the material in just a few sentences. In the end, you will get a good result. But it should also be noted that most students do not know how to take a note. So it is essential to learn how to take notes.

First tip: use your hand

Statistics show that it is not very sensible to take notes using electronic devices such as computers or voice recorders. It is better to use your hands. Others have a habit of simply copying what teachers say. The copy and paste system is called verbatim. As a result, it is an old-fashioned and less effective trend. Taking notes by hand improves your thinking and your ability to synthesise information in minutes. Research shows that a student at their laptop is also more likely to be inattentive to other things. For example: the internet and emails.

Make a plan for note-taking

Once you have finished the previous lesson, take a closer look at your note-taking. Try to find out if you have managed to understand what you have written down. If it is difficult to understand, you should change your system. It is essential to make a plan. Your summary should be done in order. Some students can’t read their notes a week after their course. And this is caused by lack of preparation before taking a note. Two experts have evaluated the success rate of students who make a plan and those who do not. They found that students who make a plan are very successful.

Be responsive during the lesson

Teachers give you hints and prompts during the course. They don’t usually give you what to write. It is up to you to know what to write on the notes. In this case, you have to be careful to avoid mistakes. Improve your concentration during the course. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to raise your hand. Just in case, if you have lost concentration, skip a few lines and pick up the thread again.

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