How to better live a confinement in a student room?

The pandemic has turned all lives upside down. The student is as affected by this upheaval as anyone else. And if this situation is difficult for the majority of people, the university student is even more affected because he or she will be isolated from his or her family while continuing his or her education. In order not to lose their footing, it is therefore important to follow a few guidelines during the confinement.

Reorganise effectively

The university room confinement is a change. Whether you are a homebody or usually more sociable, it is best to face the changes in your daily routine calmly. To do this, you have to start with what you can see, i.e. the layout of the rooms. Admittedly, student rooms are rarely spacious. However, as they are obliged to spend all day in them, they will have to arrange the spaces for all activities. So, with the help of existing furniture, delimit a work, relaxation and sleeping area. Why should you do this? Because assigning a place for everything you have to do will allow your child to enjoy each moment and/or to concentrate. It will also break the monotony of not having all your tasks in one place. The same should be done for your schedule; especially as distance learning is not always easy to assimilate.

Making time for yourself

Between deciphering courses, distance learning sessions and household chores, it becomes difficult to think about yourself when you are confined to your university room. However, it is essential to leave yourself time to breathe, both to let your body recover and to keep your spirits up. You could, for example, take up an indoor physical activity. Another trend is cooking! Tutorials and dedicated programmes can help to clear the mind in a fun and tasty way. But whether it's watching a film, trying out new recipes, doing push-ups or reading a good novel, the most important thing is to find the formula that relaxes.


The confinement of a university room does not have to mean isolation. In order not to make the situation too burdensome, it is necessary to regularly contact those close to you. This will allow you to have reassuring news or help you keep up to date with the news. But communication is not limited to interaction with family. Indeed, communication is also crucial when living in a community, as is the case when sharing a flat. In order to avoid tension during this difficult period, it is important to share your wishes, clarify the rules and, in case of disagreement, to be calm.
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