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And after the baccalauréat? Courses,
schools, programmes...

Which school should I go to?

What studies to follow?

To choose the studies to follow after the baccalaureate, choose those that correspond to your personality and your professional project.

What profession should I aim for?

Grandes écoles

What are the conditions of access
to the grandes écoles?

Which courses?

It is common to go through a preparatory course before entering a French Grande Ecole.

What profiles?

Candidates who wish to study a foreign language will be able to open up to new horizons, train your skills with

What competitive exams?

A large majority of students in a preparatory course pass the entrance exam to an engineering school.

Tuition costs

Tuition fees at some French schools have increased sixfold in a decade.


Orientation & future students

Bac pro commerce

Bac pro commerce

The training leading to a Bac Pro Commerce diploma trains people to manage a sales unit while making forecasts.

Bac pro accounting

Bac pro accounting

The holder of a Bac Pro Accounting degree looks after the incoming and outgoing flows of a company’s funds. The training aims to process orders, invoices and undertake other administrative tasks.

Bac pro commerce et vente

Bac Pro Sales

The holder of a Bac pro commerce and sales diploma can work as a sales representative in a company. They have the status of a sales representative.


How do I get into a business and management school?

It is possible to enter a business school, 3 years after the baccalaureate. Any business school can be integrated when you have a Bachelor’s degree in business management. It is also possible to join a state-recognised grande école after 5 years of study after the baccalauréat.

Bachelor in 3 years / BAC+3

The 3-year Bachelor’s degree is a trendy course in higher education. It is accessible to generalist and technical baccalaureate holders, regardless of their speciality.

Specialised Master / BAC+5

The Specialised Master’s programme includes 350 hours of theoretical courses and 4 months of work experience in a company.


Student life, between campus,
housing, scholarships...

To finance your studies, you can benefit from several grants and financial aid. These grants can usually be combined with paid work. Students looking for accommodation should check with the Crous and the CIDJ. Students who live on campus can eat at affordable rates in Restos U.


When does professional
life begin?

First jobs

First jobs

From the very first job, the new employee must be careful if he or she wants everything to go well. Indeed, a workplace has particular codes that the young employee will have to respect.

What training afterwards?

Students have to choose the right training if they want to do their dream job. To do this, they must choose the educational course that suits their background. Favour the training that helps them to achieve their professional project.

Further study

Learners who want to continue their studies after the baccalauréat have a choice of several paths: university, higher technician sections, IUT, medical and pharmaceutical studies, etc.